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WorldThey got up early again

They got up early again

With Xóchitl’s speech at the Angel of Independence this Sunday, Morena woke up without flags for the next presidential election.

On Saturday, the Presidency of the Republic promoted a photo in which López Obrador is seen accompanied by the vice president of Televisa and two governors as special guests, on a multimillion-dollar train that broke down on its maiden voyage.

Lucky they didn’t inaugurate a ship.

In four wagons were the President, businessmen, military and senior officials. The usual.

They traveled around the wheel, aboard a failed project, in which they have spent close to 400 billion pesos that would have served to equip all the hospitals in the country and build many others.

It’s wasted money… but someone picked it up. And it was not “the people” or the public interest.

The winners of the expense were the same ones who always end up standing next to the President. The president that is.

Instead of representatives of the economic, political and military power elites, AMLO was able to be accompanied by indigenous people from communities that would benefit from the train.

Impossible. Those who benefited from the work went with the President on the Mayan Train.

“The charism has changed poles,” Enrique Krauze wrote a few days ago. That’s how it is.

Xóchitl Gálvez’s special guests at the Ángel, on the other hand, were representatives of those excluded by the President, and for whom he promised to govern.

To say it in the language of the Palace, Xóchitl was accompanied by two equis women, of which there are millions in the country.

“I want to thank my special guests who are with me today. First to Ceci Flores, who represents the dozens of searching mothers, whom I hugged throughout these eight weeks. Ceci Flores is looking for her children, and Ceci did not open the doors of the National Palace either.

On the other side he had a woman who works hard, with garbage, to provide a better life for her children. She is part of those whom the President despises as aspirational.

“Elsa is dedicated to collecting what they call garbage, but she turns it into waste, which she sells every day: PET, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and the day I met her, she told me proudly that her son was graduating up to date. next dentist. Congratulations Elsa. You represent the dream of thousands of women who get up early to raise their children.”

That is empathy with the concerns of the population, the silent majority, and not the minority that accompanied the President on the train that destroyed the jungle and threw away money, billions of pesos, and not for the benefit of the population.

López Obrador said, since the beginning of this century, that he wanted to get to the National Palace to open the doors for the people to enter, and he closed them. He physically closed them, with metal fences, something that the presidents of Mexico had never done.

Xóchitl said in the Angel:

“That door has been closed for five years. They closed it with lies, they closed it with insults, they closed it with hate, they closed it for everyone who doesn’t think like them. They not only closed it to me, but to you, to millions of Mexicans. But the citizens are going to open that door again, we will open it with the truth, we will open it with hope, because hope has already changed hands, hope is now ours”.

López Obrador had traveled with businessmen, politicians and many soldiers in a useless, lavish train, which could not even run without breaking down, while Xóchitl showed where the taxpayers’ money should be, the feet, the mind and the heart of a ruler:

“Today, true and modern independence is built in a public school to make boys and girls independent from fanaticism and superstition.”

“True and modern independence is built with public hospitals, with medicines, immediate and human attention… Republic is a public hospital, public school, public investment, public street, public credit and public security. “I want a new independence without words of hate from the National Palace.”

The President has governed five years distilling rancor in a wonderful nation that needs to correct problems and not throw vinegar on the wounds.

Xochitl told them:

“Those who said that together they would make history ended up in a gang. They are together, but they did not make history, because history is not made by dividing, it is not made by instilling hatred among Mexicans, but by adding; history is not made in discord, but in reconciliation”.

They took the flags from Morena.

They woke up early to the President, who fell asleep on the plastic laurels of pharaonic works, indelible imprints of the folly made government.

What can the official candidate offer? The end of privileges? Govern for the majority? First the poor?

They got up early… again.

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