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WorldThey locate the son of the former governor of Morelos Marco Adame

They locate the son of the former governor of Morelos Marco Adame

CUERNAVACA, Mor. (apro) .– José Armando Adame Alemán, son of ex-governor Marco Adame, was located by the Morelos Attorney General’s Office alive, after he was reported missing since last Thursday.

It was not reported in what conditions he was located, what was confirmed is that he already had communication with his relatives, “without being the victim of any crime,” the agency announced in a statement.

The Prosecutor’s Office added that his family appeared before the Public Ministry in recent days and he was reported missing.

Although the disappearance was reported since last Thursday, it was not until Monday night that his mother, the former president of the DIF Mayela Alemán, confirmed the disappearance on social networks.

In a post on his social media account, he thanked the expressions of solidarity in the event and confirmed that there is a complaint before the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office: “To all our family and friends. Thank you very much for your concern, we are working with the prosecutor’s office to find it, we will inform you of any progress, ”she wrote after 10 p.m. this Monday.

Adame Alemán is 37 years old and was a candidate for local deputy for the Social Encounter Party in the last election. He was then an ally of the political group of Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco, of which he was an official during the first part of his government. However, in recent months he had resigned and distanced himself from that group.

During the government of Marco Adame, José Armando dedicated himself to various businesses in the field of communication. The last day he was seen, Thursday August 24, he would have gone to the State of Mexico for a meeting, but there was no contact with him. The family would have filed a complaint and it is not known if anything has been requested in exchange for his freedom.

Marco Adame was governor of Morelos from 2006 to 2012. He was the second PAN member to govern the entity. During his government, the Navy killed Arturo Beltrán Leyva, the “Boss of Bosses”, in a luxury residential complex in Cuernavaca, in addition to the fact that the number of murders multiplied in the state.

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