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They rebuke Santiago Taboada in ITAM; They link him to real estate corruption (Video)

MEXICO CITY (apro).- The mayor in Benito Juárez and candidate for the head of government of Mexico City, PAN member Santiago Taboada, was rebuked by some students from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), who yelled at him ” corrupt!” and they accused him of being related to the real estate corruption network in the district that he governs.

The events occurred on Tuesday at the campus where the former local legislator arrived and, according to a video shared on the Tik Tok account of @Gustavo Garci Arias, he was greeted with shouts of “Get out, get out!”, “Corruptazo!” , “No to the cartel!” and “go with your mafia!”

@gustavogarciamh Is this how they received @Santiago Taboada at the @ITAM #CartelIobiliarioBJ? original sound – Gustavo Garcia Arias

A young man followed him with a sign that he held up, with the photo of former branch chief Christian Damián “N” -currently in prison- and it said “Corrupt!”, from the entrance and to a room where the official sat down. There, the student accused him of “being a thief.”

And he continued: “To you and Romero Herrera, to everyone else in the real estate cartel! There are already several in jail, hey! There are already several!”

Meanwhile, the official adjusts his pants on his heels and says “Greetings.”

Later, on his X account, formerly Twitter, he posted a photo of his attendance at ITAM and added: “Interesting and successful meeting with students from @ITAM_mx, there were many questions and they all received a timely response. I will continue to dialogue with the university students of the city with enthusiasm. I thank the hosts.”

In a second message, he added: “Plurality is an essential feature of #CDMX, diverse expressions of thought enrich the debate to build a better city for us.”

Since last year, Santiago Taboada has “self-discovered” as a candidate for the “Va por la CDMX” alliance to compete for the head of government in 2024.

However, since then he has also been mentioned as a possible member of the real estate corruption network that the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) has investigated and for which he has arrested various former officials, including Christian Damián “N” , former branch chief in Benito Juárez, who since last April has been in the North Male Preventive Prison for the crime of continued illegal use of powers and powers, related to said network.

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