Tuesday, 17 May 2022
WorldThey reveal that there are suspicions of more than 260 cases linked...

They reveal that there are suspicions of more than 260 cases linked to the extreme right in the German Army

German authorities identified at least 262 suspected cases of right-wing extremism in the armed forces last year, local media reported on Tuesday, May 3.

The German Defense Ministry released the figures in response to questions from the opposition left-wing party in parliament, according to the Die Welt newspaper.

Incidents investigated by authorities included some soldiers giving the Nazi salute, using Nazi slogans, listening to far-right music and engaging in racist behavior, especially against soldiers with a migration background.

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Some 75 soldiers were suspended from the Army last year due to incidents of racism, extremism and anti-Semitism, according to the report.

German authorities have long been criticized for poor supervision within the military, an alleged culture of tolerance towards right-wing extremists, and downplaying problems of racism and discrimination.

Recent efforts by the German military to stem the rising tide of right-wing extremists among its ranks coincide with increasing cases of far-right terrorism in the country in recent years, fueled by propaganda by extremist political parties and groups.

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