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WorldThis happens to your body when you stop exercising

This happens to your body when you stop exercising

Regular exercise of our body is essential to reach an ideal state of health, where this practice is complemented by an extremely healthy diet.

The reasons for the start of sports practices are varied, since it can happen that you start the exercise to lose weight or simply keep fit; However, as the days go by, they tend to postpone these types of promises. with themselves, without knowing the risks they run by not exercising.

It must be said that having forced our body to exercise for months and suddenly abandoning it can have fatal consequences. Therefore, it is important to warn of the risks of not practicing sports or exercise.

This happens to the body when you stop exercising:

Affects physiological and biochemical processes

Some physiological and biochemical processes are affected, such as burning fat and growing muscles. In addition, there is greater blood flow and a large amount of hormones such as adrenaline or endorphins are produced, which cause a feeling of well-being. The more sports you do, the more your body gets used to the state of pleasure. But if it is abandoned suddenly, the opposite happens.

Muscle mass is replaced by fat

After several months without exercising and not eating healthy, we will gain weight. In addition, there is a risk of suffering from diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression or insomnia. Once exercise is stopped as a discipline, people tend to go out more and eat more disorderly. At this time, more fats are ingested and eating is no longer a healthy habit and becomes something worse.

Habits change

Once the exercise is stopped, people move the same or more, since they do the same or other activities, but it is not enough as exercising is. In addition to training that optimizes and improves quality of life, healthy habits should be adopted such as replacing the car for the bicycle, changing the elevator for the stairs, swimming, hiking, etc.

Difficulty to sleep

When people stop exercising, they fall asleep worse, and can lead to problems such as insomnia.



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