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TechThis is China's sophisticated weapon that has the potential to conquer Taiwan

This is China’s sophisticated weapon that has the potential to conquer Taiwan


In reaching Taiwan, apart from missiles, it turns out that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) can use an artillery rocket system. Currently, the PLA already has an artillery rocket system that can reach the island of Taiwan.

The artillery rocket system is PHL-16 or also known as PCH-191 which is a Multiple Rocket Launch System (MLRS). This artillery rocket system has the capability to fire guided or unguided rockets with various warheads.

The PHL-16 or PCH-191 artillery rocket system became a special discussion at the US Naval War College with a report entitled ‘The PCH191 Modular Long-Range Rocket Launcher: Reshaping the PL et Launcher: Reshaping the PLA Army’s Role in a Cr s Role in a Cross-Str oss-Strait Campaign’.



The report reveals the role of the PHL-16 as a PLA weapon that can support troop landings on Taiwan’s coast. This is because the PLA requires the destruction of targets first before landing troops.

This artillery rocket system can reach targets on the coast and inland of Taiwan. With a range of 70 km to 300 km, this rocket can cross the Taiwan Strait which is a distance of 150 km.

This rocket system is the result of China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) which was introduced in 2019. This rocket is operated by the PLA rocket division, namely the PLA Rocket Forces (PLARF).

PHL-191 Rocket Photo: Sina Mobile

According to the US Naval War College report, the warhead that can be carried by one rocket ranges from 180 kg to 380 kg. The PHL-16 can launch three types of guided rockets and five types of guided rockets, one of which is also an anti-ship rocket.

The PHL-16 is also conceptualized to be integrated with the PLA Navy (PLAN) and PLA Air Force (PLAAF). This rocket can help with anti-ship attacks which are the PLAN’s task.

“The PLA Army could participate in the island landing phase of the campaign with PCH191 (PHL-16) loaded anti-ship rockets to help establish maritime dominance,” the report said.

For the PLAAF, this rocket also plays a role in reducing the workload of PLAAF fighter jets which have to clear the Taiwan Strait of Taiwanese warships.

The PHL-16 can also be compatible with the CH-4 drone, where both the PHL-16 and CH-4 will support each other. The CH-4 will conduct reconnaissance resulting in the delineation of targets for attack using the PHL-16.

*This article was written by Argya D. Maheswara, participant of the Merdeka Campus Certified Internship Program at detikcom

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