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This is how Armengol justifies giving more flexibility to Sánchez than to Feijóo to set a date for his investiture

It has been 50 days since, on August 17, Francina Armengol assumed the position of president of Congress. Several controversies to date. First, with the inclusion of the co-official languages in parliamentary life; then, with the “null” vote after the error of the Junts per Catalunya deputy Eduard Pujol and, now, due to the differences between the speed with which the Feijóo investiture and, later, that of Pedro Sanchez. In an interview in More than one This Wednesday, Feijóo has disgraced the fact that Armengol has not already decided on the date of the socialist candidate’s investiture.

Thus, he establishes the comparison with his own investiture. The king proposed Núñez Feijóo as a candidate August 22nd and, on the 23rd, the usual call took place between the popular leader and Armengol. It was then that a date was set for the big day. Feijóo maintains that he asked for “eight days” — he has also said it in More than one-but Public has had access to a letter that denies it. Feijóo asked for a “reasonable time” and put as a reference, in writing, the “33, 46 and 24 days” of the last legislatures. But that is a different story.

The Popular Party appreciates differences between the treatment that Armengol is giving to Sánchez in his investiture process and the one he gave to Feijóo. Why did he summon Feijóo the day after his appointment as a candidate and Sánchez gives him the time you need? It is a question that is asked in Genoa. “She looks like a militant“, said the conservative leader on Onda Cero.

President Armengol’s team, however, stands up to Feijóo’s criticism. As he explained to Publicthey justify the speed with which they met with Feijóo because, with the date of his investiture “The time process established by the Constitution began“. The famous clock was started, in other words. The longer the setting of the date had been extended, “the longer the country would have been with a Government in office.”

“Right now,” they complete, “that does not happen.” Because? As these sources explain, “now there is a deadline, the November 27“This time limit, as Armengol’s team understands, exempts the president from having to apply the same speed in one investiture as in the other.

Some statements by the president, which she made when announcing the king’s order for Sánchez to be a candidate, also raised rashes. Armengol said that the date of the investiture would be set “at the time when the situation is sufficiently mature.” His team explains that Congress has to provide all the facilities so that the candidate, whoever it may be, can form a Government.

Among other things, they say, that is why a date was agreed upon with Feijóo. “A date,” they complete, “that was not what the progressive groups would have wanted.” Armengol, according to these sources, wanted to respect the candidate’s will. And, now, with Sánchez, he intends the same.

The PP maintains its version

PP sources, to which he has also had access Public, do not give credence to the explanation of Armengol’s environment. “They should have been in more hurry now to set the date of the investiture, taking into account that there is a time limit,” they defend. And they insist: “We must keep in mind that November 27 is not the limit for Sánchez’s investiture, but rather for there is president before an eventual electoral repetition”.

It is the terrain of balances. From the PP they argue that a date should be set for Sánchez’s investiture in such a hurry it happened with Feijóo, as long as there was time for other investiture processes in the event that Sánchez’s is not successful. Armengol’s team, on the other hand, considers that, since the acting president has the possibility of re-editing the Government, the mission of the president of Congress – at that time, the third authority of the State— is to provide all the facilities to achieve it.

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