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TechThis is how to restore deleted WA chats, don't panic

This is how to restore deleted WA chats, don’t panic


Many of you must use WhatsApp very often. If a chat has been deleted, don’t worry.

WhatsApp has become the main tool for communicating on social media. Indeed, WhatsApp already meets that need.

Starting from calling, sending messages, sending pictures, even sending documents between personal and sending them to a group have been fulfilled through WhatsApp feature Today.

Therefore. You will save a lot of data in the form of chats consisting of personal chats and group chats. Apart from that, all data in the form of images and data is also stored in WhatsApp storage.

However, what happens if suddenly all of our data, especially our chat history on WhatsApp, is deleted? Will all of our chats be lost and can’t be returned?

Especially if the chat contains a variety of important information. Surely you will try to restore the WA chat right?

Make sure our WhatsApp chats are automatically backed up

Usually, all of this data will be backed up automatically by WhatsApp. However, back to the rules we chose the first time we used WhatsApp. Whether we give consent to the backup or not.

If we give approval to the automatic backup system offered by WhatsApp, usually our data will be in cloud storage such as Google Drive or iCloud. However, there are also those stored in our internal storage.

So, how do we back up our WhatsApp chats, here’s how to back up WhatsApp chats from detikINET:

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings
  2. Enter the ‘Chat’ menu then select ‘Chat Backup’
  3. Choose the chat backup place we want. If Android will usually use Google Drive, if iPhone will connect directly to iCloud
  4. Click ‘Backup’

After that, your data has been backed up and if at any time you accidentally or accidentally delete the chat history on your WhatsApp, you can restore it again.

Restore WhatsApp Chats on Android

When your data has been backed up, you don’t need to worry about losing your data. On cellphones with the Android system, as we know, it will store all of our WhatsApp data on the Google Drive that we choose.

This time detikINET also presents a way to restore WhatsApp chat on Android, which detikINET quotes from the official WhatsApp page as follows:

  1. Unlock your phone and reinstall WhatsApp
  2. After that confirm the number that we use
  3. Prior to the next step, WhatsApp will offer a ‘Restore’ option
  4. Click ‘Restore’
  5. Then wait for the recovery process to finish and click ‘Next’ then all of our previous chats will return

Restore WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

We can also do WhatsApp chat recovery steps not only on cellphones with Android systems but can also be done on iPhones.

As we also know beforehand, the difference between Android and iPhone lies in the storage system used. Android with Google Drive and iPhone with iCloud.

Here’s how to restore the WhatsApp chat that detikINET quoted from the official WhatsApp page as follows:

  1. Make sure that all of our WhatsApp data is in iCloud by doing a Chat Backup
  2. After that, delete and reinstall WhatsApp
  3. After verifying the number we are using, select the option for data recovery
  4. When the data recovery process is complete, your WhatsApp chats will return to the way they were before they were deleted

These are the steps for us to restore deleted WhatsApp chats. Don’t forget to do all the steps carefully. Starting from the backup, selecting a place to put the backup data until the backup process takes place.

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