Friday, 22 September 2023
WorldThis is the date on which meteorological autumn will begin

This is the date on which meteorological autumn will begin

The end of summer always tends to bring slightly cooler temperatures. However, this year it has disappeared at a stroke. In fact, the date on which the meteorological autumn will begin is almost upon us.

Specifically and, according to the AEMET, it will be this coming Friday, September 1, when this new station begins. And it will end on November 30, to give way to meteorological winter. In this way, on December 1 the next season will begin.

During these three months, temperatures will begin to drop progressively. In September they will still be somewhat warm, but they will cool down as the days go by. In addition, during this period the rains usually arrive, with November being the rainiest month of the year.

The difference with the astronomical autumn

The autumn that we have always known is the astronomical one, whose beginning is defined by the axis of the Earth and the orbit around the sun. When there is an inclination of 23.5º on the axis of rotation of our planet, the equinoxes (spring and autumn) and the solstices (summer and winter) occur.

According to these scientific calculations, the astronomical autumn begins this year on September 23, when the autumnal equinox will occur. Although it is already known that the next two years will begin a couple of days earlier, on September 21.

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