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Thousands of people take to the streets in Madrid to ask for “the end of the massacre” in Palestine

Thousands of people demonstrated this Saturday in Madrid to show support for Palestine and ask for “an end to the massacre” at a time when Israel continues to attack civilian targets in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. These bombings are hitting the civilian population, since this is the area where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who had fled the north had taken refuge in recent months.

The protest took place from the Madrid-Atocha Almudena Grandes station along Paseo del Prado starting at 12:00. The protesters have carried Palestinian flags, those of left-wing political parties and some of South Africa – a country that has sued Israel before the International Court of Justice for genocide -, according to Francesca Cicardi.

Despite the broad call, the number of protesters has been lower than other protests in favor of the Palestinian cause. Several members of different left-wing parties have attended the protest. Among them are some ministers such as the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, from the PSOE. On behalf of Sumar, its leader and second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and the rest of its ministers, Sira Rego, Ernest Urtasun, Pablo Bustinduy and Mónica García, attended. The leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has also attended.

Díaz demands a ceasefire and Belarra accuses the PSOE of a “make-up operation”

Díaz has demanded that the international community “do more”, for which he has urged that “from the Government of Spain we also commit ourselves more”. “Today we mobilize in defense of the Palestinian people because barbarism is being committed, human rights are being violated and we call for an immediate ceasefire. We have to stop selling weapons to Israel and we have to sanction them, as we have done in identical situations,” he stated.

For her part, Belarra has accused the PSOE of carrying out a “make-up operation” with respect to its position on the war in Gaza and has demanded that the Government put an end to the sale of weapons to Israel so as not to continue being “ complicit” in the “genocide” of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, he has insisted that if the coalition Executive “does not immediately stop the purchase, sale and transportation of ammunition and weapons, it will be complicit in this genocide.”

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The Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, has demanded an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza that allows the opening of “a process of dialogue” and has called for unity in favor of this cause after Podemos’s accusation of complicity with Israel for the weapons sales. Thus, he has highlighted the response from Foreign Affairs that pointed out that sales of war material had continued after the start of hostilities in Gaza on October 7, because these operations had been authorized before that date.

Furthermore, Puente has warned Podemos that it is doing a “disservice” to the cause of peace in Palestine by “introducing elements of distortion and conflict.” “We all have to be together and united with one voice,” the minister added.

The spokesperson for Más Madrid in the capital’s City Council, Rita Maestre, has urged that “urgent steps” be taken to stop what she considers a “genocide” by the Government of Israel on the Gaza Strip. Thus, he recalled the “more than 30,000 deaths” that, as he noted, this offensive has already claimed, of which “12 were boys and girls murdered under the bombs in unhealthy conditions” and suffering “all types of attacks and grievances.” ”.

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