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Three years after the massacre in Camargo, Tamaulipas, mourners reproach the FGR for inaction

SAN MARCOS, GUATEMALA; January 22 (apro).- Three years after the massacre in Camargo, Tamaulipas, in which 17 Guatemalan migrants were murdered and burned, the collective “Red Jesuita con Migrantes Guatemala” (RJMG), reproached that the Attorney General’s Office República (FGR), has not investigated all the authorities that were involved in the tragedy.

At an event held in the main square of Comitancillo, Guatemala, representatives of the RJMG questioned the work of the FGR by recalling that it has not yet been clarified that the vehicle in which the victims were transported had been detained by the Institute. National Migration Agency (INM) in December 2020, a month before the massacre.

“The great absentee in this case has been the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Mexico, who has failed to investigate the National Institute of Migration of Mexico, since it is worth remembering that one of the vehicles in which the victims were transported had been confiscated. in Nuevo León, a month ago,” said one of the representatives of the group who read the organization’s statement.

Activists from civil organizations, parishioners of the Diocese of San Marcos, as well as relatives, wives and orphaned children of 19 Guatemalan and Salvadoran migrants murdered on January 22, 2021 in Camargo, Tamaulipas, protested this Monday with a procession to demand justice from the government from Mexico.

They pointed out that although 12 police officers were sentenced, 12 more and their police commanders still need to be investigated and remain unpunished.

From the streets and the central square of Comitancillo, San Marcos, Guatemala, the relatives of the indigenous Maya Mam people remembered their dead this Monday with a Mayan altar, flowers, candles and prayers. Mothers, wives and children carried the portraits of each of their relatives massacred by the uniformed men of the state of Tamaulipas.

In the memorial event “Camargo Massacre 3 years of questions without answers”, convened by the Foundation for Justice, the Jesuit Network with Migrants Guatemala, as well as the relatives of the victims, first held a procession to mark that three years later They continue to raise their voices without being heard.

Under the slogan: “Justice is not revenge, it is a right”, a mass was also held in the Catholic church of Comitancillo, San Marcos and later a cultural activity was held to remember the migrants, victims of police forces in northern Mexico .

Of the 19 migrants massacred by the Tamaulipas police, 17 were originally from Guatemala and two more from El Salvador. The relatives indicated that the government of Guatemala has provided houses for the 13 families. The government of Mexico has also sentenced the police officers. involved, but have not been able to compensate for the irreparable damage that the families have suffered.

Carlily Marroquin from the Jesuit Network with Migrants from Guatemala and Marcotulio Pablo, one of the fathers of the massacred young people, asked on behalf of all the families that justice be done and recalled that migration is a right. For this reason they said that it is necessary to protect the passage of people with dreams and for the Mexican State to fulfill its promises.

They pointed out that three years after the Camargo Massacre there continue to be more questions than answers, that the families of victims continue to demand to know the truth of the events, that there continues to be no reparation for the damage or recommendation from the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico and that the FGR has been complicit with its silence.

In a joint statement read at the event, they pointed out the guilty verdict last September, with which Judge Patricio Lugo determined the responsibility of 12 police officers from the state of Tamaulipas in the massacre. They recognized that it has been a great achievement, but it has not given comfort to the families who, three years later, continue to demand truth, justice and reparation for the damage.

Of the 17 Guatemalan migrants murdered, 16 of them were identified as originating from this region of San Marcos, Guatemala: Élfego Roliberto Miranda Díaz, Marvin Alberto Tomás López, Adán Coronado Marroquín, Édgar López y López, Osmar Neftalí Miranda Baltazar, Rivaldo Danielo Jiménez Ramírez , Anderson Marco Antulio Pablo Mauricio, Iván Gudiel Pablo Tomás, Santa Cristina García Pérez, Uber Feliciano Vásquez, Rubelsy Elías Tomás Isidro, Dora Amelia López Rafael, Paola Damaris Zacarías Gabriel, Mádelyn Esfefanie García Ramírez, Brandon David García Ramírez and Leyda Siomara González Vázquez

The police officers sentenced to 50 years in prison, 11 men and one woman, are: Mayra Elizabeth “V”, Jorge Alfredo “C”, Williams “F”, Édgar Manuel “A”, Horacio “R”, Carlos “R”, Jorge “C”, José Luis “L”, Héctor Javier “A”, Christian Eduardo “G”, Ismael “V” and Horacio “Q”.

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