Thursday, 28 September 2023
SportsTickets for India-Pak match sold within hours leader

Tickets for India-Pak match sold within hours leader

New Delhi; PTI: Tickets for the ICC World Cup 2023 have gone on sale and the high-voltage match between India and Pakistan will be held on October 14 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The first batch of tickets for this match were sold out in just an hour. Due to this, many people are disappointed and they have vented their anger on social media.

Every match between India and Pakistan always has a different curiosity among fans from both sides. As the World Cup is being held in India this year, every Indian fan wants to hoist the tricolor at the Narendra Modi Stadium during the match against Pakistan. Therefore, there is a different excitement among the fans regarding the India-Pakistan match.

Book My Show, the ticketing partner of the International Cricket Council (ICC), had put the India-Pakistan match tickets on sale online. The second batch of tickets for this match will go on sale on September 3. These tickets are also likely to be sold out within hours. Details of how many tickets were put up for sale online for India’s matches and practice matches were not available. Tickets went on sale on August 29 at 6pm and all tickets were sold within an hour.

For MasterCard holders only

Ticket sales were restricted to Mastercard holders only. On August 29, tickets went on sale to fans with a Mastercard only. A person could buy two tickets and all the tickets for the India-Pakistan match were sold within an hour of the sale starting.

Intense anger from fans

Meanwhile, cricket fans have expressed various reactions on social media regarding the poor service of Book My Show. Minutes after ticket sales went live, the Book My Show website crashed. Even after this, fans were shown standing in virtual queues. The wait time increased rapidly as seconds passed. The Book My Show website asked fans to wait patiently for more than 6 hours; But all the tickets were sold within an hour. Therefore, the fans have expressed their anger and raised many doubts about this ticket sale.

Getting selected in the Indian team is easier than this

Buying India-Pakistan match tickets is truly a divine task. It is easier to get selected in the Indian cricket team than that, fans expressed an ironic reaction.

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