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SportsTigers vs Atlas: What do the Felines need to eliminate the Foxes?

Tigers vs Atlas: What do the Felines need to eliminate the Foxes?

The resounding victory of Atlas 3-0 against the tigers in the Ida of the semifinals of the Closure 2022 has left on the canvas those led by Michael Herreraas they will need a real miracle to qualify for the Grand Final of the tournament.

During the regular phasethe tigers They were one of the best teams in the MX Leaguebut in leagueas is often presumed, things are different and felines They can show that They have barely scored a goal in three games.

However, and to motivate a little the university studentsthe books of the MX League are full of feats within the field of play to which the players can appeal tigers to come back from the tie. Capable coach, they have, players too and even the fans in the Volcano can be a factor for the heroic.


To the tigers, for having finished second in the regular phase, it would be enough for them to tie the overall score at three goals. It should be noted that in the league The away goal no longer exists. It is important that you do not let Atlas make a note of, since they would still need the three goal difference from the first leg.

One of the obstacles that Tigres has is that the team of Diego Coca is the best defense in the tournament and has not conceded three goals since the first leg of the opening 2021 when the Lion I beat them 3-2. Furthermore, under the command of Cocathe Foxes in 75 games they have never lost by difference of 3 goals.

so what they need Michael Herrera, Andrepierre Gignac, Nahuel Guzman and company is to win by three or more goals or draw the overall result and that their position in the table benefits them.





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