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TikTok Shop Closed, Lady Nayoan Sad Even Though She’s Still Passionate About Selling


Celebrity Lady Nayoan admitted that she was saddened by the closure of the TikTok Shop. Lady herself is relatively new to being active on TikTok Shop and now the mother of three children is enthusiastic about selling.

“Yes, it’s really sad, actually. I’ve only been active on TikTok since the end of July. I’m still very enthusiastic,” said Lady Nayoan when met in the Gunawarman area, South Jakarta on Wednesday (4/10/2023).

During live, Lady felt a sense of satisfaction, especially when she had met her target. Apart from that, he admitted that he was happy to be able to interact with buyers and live viewers.



“With every live, there is a target, right, and every target that is met has its own satisfaction. Then on TikTok there is interaction with those who shop too, so there is a special experience like that,” he said.

However, even though it has been closed, Lady Nayoan admitted that she wanted the best regulations. Lady Nayoan also admitted that going live on TikTok really helped her find fortune.

“Well, hopefully there will be the best new regulations. Actually, it will really help, so hopefully it won’t be closed, but there will be the best regulations,” he hoped.

Lady Nayoan also can’t do anything about these government regulations. Even though he believes selling on TikTok can help the economy of housewives.

“Well, how about that, we can sell from home too. I can see that if you are a housewife, you can make extra income,” he explained.

In the future, Lady Nayoan doesn’t know what she wants to do. Even though the target he achieved could reach double digits in sales turnover.

“I don’t know yet, there’s no further information yet. For me, it’s two digits. But that’s turnover, not my income,” he concluded.

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