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TechTo Protect Personal Data, Kominfo Makes AI Ethics Guidelines

To Protect Personal Data, Kominfo Makes AI Ethics Guidelines


Along with the increasingly massive use of technology, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) plans to prepare guidelines artificial intelligence ethics or artificial intelligence (A.I).

The development trend of big data results in the utilization of unstructured data (unstructured data) for the significant development of AI technology. This condition makes the use of AI closely related to the issue of protecting personal data.

Departing from this issue, Kominfo is currently preparing guidelines ethical use of AI in Indonesia.

Deputy Minister of Communication and Information (Deputy Minister of Communication and Information) Nezar Patria said, as one of the most hotly discussed issues in recent times, AI’s ability to form data patterns supported by the availability of data that can be accessed by the public via the internet system needs to meet applicable regulations.

“Technology scraping, crawl and the like, even though it does facilitate data collection to then be used to train AI, it must still comply with applicable regulatory corridors. “There are limitations that must be respected in the use of this data, from copyright restrictions to respect for personal data,” said Nezar, quoted from a press release, Sunday (3/9/2023).

Nezar said that provisions regarding data processing activities, including provisions for opening data and utilizing personal data need to be further regulated as derivatives of Law Number 27 of 2022 concerning Protection of Personal Data (PDP Law).

“Given the role of central data, including personal data, in the development of AI technology, of course PDP RPP “This has an important role in providing the use of data-based technology that still respects individual rights,” he explained.

According to the Deputy Minister of Communication and Information, several countries have developed joint agreements regarding automatic and massive data collection practices that have the potential to violate personal data protection provisions.

“Recently, I read one Joint Statement which was signed by twelve personal data protection authorities from the UK, Australia, Morocco to Argentina. The twelve authorities remind service providers such as social media providers to protect users’ personal information available on their platforms from scraping activities that violate the law,” he explained.

Therefore, said Nezar, Kominfo will also compile it Artificial Intelligence Ethical Guidelines Circular Letter. This Circular Letter is intended to provide ethical use of AI and of course respect existing regulations.

“We ask for support from all industry players, academics and related stakeholders to jointly succeed in formulating this policy agenda,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Communication and Information emphasized the importance of respecting individual fundamental rights so that AI can continue to benefit society.

“Our responsibility is to present a future full of innovation. I believe that through today’s PDP National Forum, we can jointly present this future,” concluded Nezar.

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