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WorldTogo: A civil society actor at the head of the Electoral Commission

Togo: A civil society actor at the head of the Electoral Commission

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The new members of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) of Togo elected, this Monday, May 09, the new office to lead the activities for the organization of the next regional elections.

These elections are scheduled for the first quarter of next year at the latest, according to the words of Faure Gnassingbé, the President of the Togolese Republic. He addressed the nation last April 27 on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the country’s independence.

The newly elected bureau is made up of four members. It is chaired by Dago Yabré, elected by the deputies as a member of the CENI as a representative of Togolese civil society. Its original NGO is “Nouvelle Elite”. In this position, he replaces for his first entry into the CENI, Tchambakou Ayassor, president in office since April 2019.

He will be supported by Me Homawoo Atsu Jean Claude as vice-president. The latter is a representative of the parliamentary opposition, moreover at the CENI and in this position since 2009. its members last March.

As first rapporteur, another civil society actor is elected. This is Messan Dissekpli who comes from the NGO “Agir pour l’Humanité”. And this is the first time he has joined the CENI.

He is also assisted by Christophe Tchao, another CENI veteran, former Minister of Sports and senior executive of the ruling party.

According to information published in the local media, this new office will be supplemented by specialized commissions for the organization of the next regional elections.

As a reminder, the CENI is composed of 17 members, 7 from the presidential majority, 7 from the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition, two from civil society and a representative of the administration. It is an institution with an independent administrative authority in charge of organizing and supervising electoral consultations and referendums in Togo.

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