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WorldTogo: licensed, offending planners not repaired at OIT arbitration

Togo: licensed, offending planners not repaired at OIT arbitration

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The Syndicate of Togolese Organizers (SET) has been confirmed by the Anatolian Agency to engage as many lawyers as they can before the International Labor Organization (IOA) “arbitrariness” and more than 180 insignia winners of the party the Togolese government in the iron arm which operates the two entities from last March.

“We owe it to ourselves to advocate for these lawyers to ensure that justice is served to members of our syndicate who have been abusively licensed to those who do not intend to use this law. We want them to be stable in our countries “, indicated by the Anadolu Agency Kokou Mawouegna, Secretary General of SET.

It is one of the initiators that Gilbert Bawara, Minister of Travail, of public function and administrative reforms has been appointed by arrest, to release their essential function, in order to make public administration available, in advance of pure decor and license of 112 entrants.

In the successive strikes which appealed to SET since May, they have been accused of ” notorious activism ”, ” incitement to violence, intolerance and revolt ” and other acts ”. introducing perturbations and tubes in secondary schools and in certain localities ”.

“Faux!”, Replicates the SET, which attacks the definition of governance outside the OIT because, affirming its responsibilities, “justice togolase ne nous inspire plus confiance”.

“It’s a pity that the interests that are being presented to us are not being ignored, we are just winning the arbitrage and the excuses that international organizations must correct”, added Kokou Mawouegna.

It does not, however, require the syndicate to reconsider its mandate to take other actions within the courts to obtain further international jurisdiction, in order to ensure that the Togolese government and the aggressors are involved. , a raison deni le bras de fer qui les opposët depuis mi-mars 2022.

Noteworthy is an action of recourse against the economic justice course of the West African States – CEDEAO before the end of the current week.

For example, the Togolese Syndicate has deposited a list of five references on the governing table, saying: conforming to the 1975 design reform »,« an annual annuity of less than 300 CFA / km ($ 0.6 per environment) », having been employed in public establishments for a period of less than 3 months and requiring professional qualification “,” a allocation of mutation of CFA 100 000 (up to $ 200) for internship “and” allocation of mutation for ‘ at least 60,000 CFA francs (up to 120 dollars) for the intraregional ».

The claims that the government rejects the motive that the syndicate organization, having constituted its substance, is not legal and which is not a question of discussion with them.

Noting that just before these revelations, the government concludes an agreement with other syndicated organizations in which the striking newcomers are not reconciled.

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