Thursday, 28 September 2023
TechToyota suspends operations in Japan due to computer failure

Toyota suspends operations in Japan due to computer failure

TOKYO (AP) — All 28 vehicle assembly lines at Toyota’s 14 factories in Japan were halted Tuesday because of a problem with the computer system that manages the input of auto parts.

The automaker does not believe the problem was caused by a cyberattack, but the cause remains under investigation, spokeswoman Sawako Takeda said.

It is unclear when the lines will operate again.

Toyota declined to say which models in production might be affected.

The disruption comes after a shortage of computer chips and other auto parts paralyzed production in Asian countries hit by social restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Chip shortage problems had only just begun to ease for Japan’s top automaker, which makes the Camry sedan, the Prius hybrid and the luxury brand Lexus.

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