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WorldTrabzonspor won the championship trophy

Trabzonspor won the championship trophy

At the ceremony held in Medical Park, whose capacity for 41 thousand 461 people was completely filled, some artists gave a mini concert for the first time.

One of the artists Kadr was accompanied by burgundy-blue football players Uğurcan Çakır and Dorukhan Toköz in his concert. The players wore the new championship jersey.

After the horon show of the Kasketliler group, the longest horon ring was tried to enter the Guinness Book of Records in the field. Then the kolbastı show was presented. The players of the Black Sea team, Abdülkadir Ömür and Manolis Siopis, greeted the fans after playing kolbastı on the mutual platform.

Before the ceremony, the burgundy-blue football players were invited to the stage by announcing their names one by one, with laser shows. The players took the stage to the songs they chose.

Dorukhan wore Ahmet Çalık’s jersey

Trabzonspor midfielder Dorukhan Toköz went to the cup ceremony wearing the jersey of İttifak Holding Konyaspor player Ahmet Çalık, who lost his life.

Bordeaux-blue fans also commemorated the actor who lost his life after the server announced Ahmet Çalık’s name.

Foreign players came to the ceremony with the flags of their countries. Anastasios Bakasetas and Manolis Siopis, carrying the flag of Greece on their backs, went to the platform by playing sirtaki.

The captain Uğurcan Çakır, who came out with Trabzonspor’s new anthem called “We will laugh at tomorrow”, received great applause from the fans.

Trabzonspor fans gave the biggest support to the coach Abdullah Avcı, who carried the team to the championship. During the announcement of Avcı’s name, the fans experienced great enthusiasm. It was observed that Avcı, who also accompanied the song “Thank you” on the stage, was emotional.

After Avcı, Trabzonspor Club Vice President Ertuğrul Doğan and Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu were invited to the ceremony.

Ağaoğlu: You became the biggest power

After the “champion” and “great president” cheers of the fans at the ceremony, Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu made a short speech and said:

“Great fans of Trabzonspor, welcome to our championship ceremony. When we took office 4 years ago, we wanted something that made a lot of sense for this mission. Be patient for 3 years, after 4 years you will have a standing ovation. Please stand up and applaud this team. Good day, “You have been the biggest power behind us in our bad days, even in our worst days. You are the biggest power behind this team that broke the ground, reaching victory with its stubbornness, character and determination, thank you, exist.”

Ağaoğlu stated that they had a very difficult time and continued his words as follows:

“But we have never covered up our own mistakes and mistakes. We have not diverted the attention of our community to another point. We have never directed the bill of this to other people, institutions or teams. The mistakes were our faults, the mistakes were our mistakes. We knew how to get back from those mistakes and we are living this victory table today. As we have said, we are the servants of this team. We exist to serve. Our biggest shareholder, our founders, our previous term presidents, our executives, the chairman of the board, the members of the board of directors, our technical director Abdullah Avcı, our technical committee, the apple of our eye, all of them who made us experience this picture by breaking the ground with faith. Our diamond football players, our health team, our equipment, our driver, our waiters, our media team, our administrative staff, all of them have a lot of hard work. I want to thank them all for giving you this picture.”

“We’re connected, we’re side by side.” Ağaoğlu said, “We fought shoulder to shoulder. We are living this victory table today. From the smallest individual in the city to our 90-year-old grandfather and grandmother, all around the world, with great enthusiasm and patience, waiting for our Trabzonspor to lift this trophy, that faith, that fire that does not go out in them. I would like to thank the great Trabzonspor supporters. Dear fans, Trabzonspor rises from its ashes for this championship. If this is how we were born from our ashes, imagine our burning like fire. That fire did not go out for years, people who carry that belief in their hearts keep this picture alive. With great faith, we are fighting this struggle shoulder to shoulder with us. Thank you to everyone who gave.” used the phrases.

Servet Yardimci awarded the trophy.

The championship trophy was delivered to the stadium with a special organization. At the ceremony where pleasant moments were experienced, Yemeksepeti was the sponsor of Trabzonspor’s championship cup. The trophy was delivered to the stadium by the “Banabi” courier.

Turkish Football Federation President Servet Yanık and member of the board of directors, Mustafa Hacıkerimoğlu, handed the championship trophy to Trabzonspor’s captain Uğurcan Çakır. Managers, technical team, actors and their families also experienced great enthusiasm with fireworks displays on the stage.

The ceremony was completed with a group photo shoot and a tour of the field.

All the stands are full

Trabzonspor fans showed great interest in their team’s championship cup celebration.

The fans, who filled all the stands with a capacity of 41 thousand 461, had a pleasant time at the cup ceremony of their teams.

The trophy ceremony was followed by around 200 members of the press, including from the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Portugal and Italy.

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