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Trans groups ask to revoke the election of the director of the Women’s Institute: “She has maintained transphobic speeches”

The Trans Platform Federation and Euforia Trans-Allied Families have asked this Thursday the Minister of Equality, Ana Redondo, that “plaster“the appointment of the new director of the Women’s Institute, Isabel García, and that, in her place, “put in charge a woman who defends all women, including trans women.

In this sense, the groups have denounced that García “has maintained openly transphobic and anti-trans rights speeches, during the processing of the Trans Law” and have indicated that “the cuts in trans rights carried out by Ayuso, with the repeal of fundamental aspects of the trans and LGTBI laws of the Community of Madrid and the arguments put forward for this, They are in the same ideological frameworks that Isabel García defends“.

Likewise, they have stated that in the process of the Trans Law, García “defended hoaxes and humiliations coming from the sector contrary to said law”, which “have been the fuel that has increased hate crimes against the trans community“.

The organizations ask the Government for coherence

Along these lines, the president of the Trans Platform, Mar Cambrollé, has asked “coherence to a government that calls itself progressive”since, in his opinion, “he cannot put people who have stood out for their transphobic and anti-trans rights statements at the head of any institution.”

Furthermore, he stressed that “the rise of the extreme right in Europe and Latin America, forces Spain to set an example“and stressed that this appointment “is not the best way” to combat it, “with institutional representatives who are in the same ideological frameworks.”

For her part, the president of Euforia Familias Trans-Aliadas, Natalia Aventín, has shown her “disappointment” at this appointment and has specified that García has been “extremely aggressive with the mothers” who represent the families of trans people. He also adds that García’s public statements over the last few years have been “openly contrary to the constitutional rights of trans people“.

The approval of the appointment of the former LGTBI official of the Socialist Party as the new director of the Women’s Institute, she took place in the last Council of Ministers.

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