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Trans women protest with a rally and symbolic takeover of the National Cinematheque

MEXICO CITY (process.com.mx).- A group of trans women held a rally this Saturday the 16th and symbolically took over the National Cinematheque, in protest against what they described as a transphobic act that occurred in recent days, when Laura Glover, activist trans, was forcibly removed from a women’s bathroom in that facility.

At the rally, Laura Glover recalled the event and explained that that day she was in the women’s bathroom of the Cineteca Nacional when two female security agents entered, violently knocked on the door and ordered her to leave the place.

After condemning these events, which he called transphobic, he demanded the resignation of the director of the National Cinematheque, Alejandro Pelayo.

At the rally, Laura Glover asked for a minute of silence in tribute to Lupilla Xiu, a trans woman who, she commented, died the night of the same day that she was forced to leave the Cineteca bathrooms.

Lupilla “was denied medical attention,” Glover pointed out and asserted that the paramedics, the State and the people left her to die.

“It is clear that people believe they can do whatever they want with us. The experience of our colleagues who, after being murdered, are systematically humiliated to the point of absurdity, demonstrates this,” she stressed.

Minute of silence for Lupilla Xiu.

“Here is the trans resistance”

Meanwhile, a group of protesters took on the task of painting screens and walls of the Cineteca to denounce discrimination and violence against the trans community, using phrases such as “Let us shit, Cineteca NaZional.”

Another group of trans women, including Laura Glover herself, decided to “take over” the Cineteca candy store and distribute the merchandise because the staff there refused to serve them when they requested a drink.

The participants in the rally also set up a barter market as an act of “economic protest.”

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What happened at the National Cinematheque?

On Tuesday the 12th, a police officer carried out an act of gender discrimination against a trans woman by forcibly removing her from the women’s bathroom, citing “security reasons.”

“I’m not going to calm down! And support me by recording this, because it is an act of discrimination by the Cineteca Nacional. We’re already tired! This asshole kicked my door and acted very forcefully, and that happened here at the Cineteca Nacional. Where else is it going to happen? How many more times is this going to happen?” Laura Glover shouted indignantly during the events.

“In the National Cinematheque taking trans women out of the women’s bathroom. I am a trans woman, don’t you understand, don’t you realize that this is Mexico City? This is Mexico City. It is the year 2023,” she said.

She then turned around and went after the policewoman who took her out of the bathroom. “Where is that idiot? Come here! Come here, idiot!”, indicated the young woman dressed in black, while the person recording asked who they could talk to to report the situation.

Apologies from the Cineteca

The National Cinematheque of Mexico condemned the act of discrimination suffered in its facilities by a trans woman, when a private security agent forcibly removed her from the women’s bathroom on Tuesday, September 12.

In a statement, the authorities of the National Cinematheque committed to unrestricted respect for human rights and equality, for which they condemned the events that occurred between the agent and the trans woman and recalled that ensuring non-discrimination and avoiding any type of Violence or discrimination are part of its internal regulations.

“This institution regrets what happened today (September 12) and offers an apology to the user Laura @transyfugas, for the act of intolerance to which she was subjected by the private security service that guards the facilities of this National Cinematheque of Mexico,” Indian.

The management of the Cineteca stated that it acted immediately to provide care to the user and take the respective measures regarding the private security element.

“Consequently, and in order to guarantee, sensitize and raise awareness among all personnel who work at the National Cinema Library of Mexico, it is committed to working jointly with @CONAPRED, @COPRED and @CDHCMX in training, awareness and professionalization courses. in terms of human rights, non-discrimination and equality,” he added.

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