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WorldTransition to Mali: Togolese president facilitates compromise on election 24 months

Transition to Mali: Togolese president facilitates compromise on election 24 months

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Faure Gnassingbé, the Togolese President, accepted on condition of anonymity that President Malien, Colonel Assimi Goïta had agreed to pay Cedeao and the international community a compromise about the choices he would not make to avoid 24 mois.

A high level delegation is sent to Lomé for the last 48 hours to enter this porter mission as requested by the Togolese President. On the other hand it is clear that the end of the malignant delegation is at a point of pressure.

Abdoulaye Diop, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali, Head of Delegation, announced the request of the Togolese President, on the instruction of his President, Colonel Assimi Goïta, «to use his experience and facilities to facilitate the dialogue »around this part.

Faure Gnassingbé also led Mali to convince “the regional actors, and further away, the assembly of the international community” to compromise that “sort out Mali from the current situation and strengthen the stability of the region”.

«Mali received enormous concessions in relation to the initial calendar which was proposed to Cedeao. Aujourd’hui, the government of Mali is only accounted for by security contexts, accounted for by shortfalls in place of a certain number of reforms in order to avoid the fact that it does not pay new interest in the institution, or failed to do so a period of 24 months in which all meters in place for a return to the constitutional order »indicated Diop face to face.

It is also stated that “the priority of President Goïta, malgré the difficult ones that our avon reconciled is to a sort of crisis with the tenure of a transparent and credible choice that crowns a return to the constitutional order”.

It’s Robert Dussey, the Togo’s foreign affairs minister who has relinquished responsibility for communicating with President Faure Gnassingbé.

«Togo has been given more than a quarter of a year of pay and dialogue. Examination is carried out as far as possible freezers and sources of the region or others to be found in the field. And since the president of the republic has been reluctant to do so, he has voluntarily resigned to malignant populations, the low-income government to which he pays all the other democratic and credible choices for which the constitutional order is reimbursable »declared

** Profit from the Togo experience

Using Faure Gnassingbé appellation, the engagement flowing from Togo to Mali on the C dte d’Ivoire after the crash, the malignant transition authorities being avoided by two elements

Aboulade, explicitly Abdoulaye Diop, part “President Faure Gnassingbé is here in the doyen of the heads of state of the region”.

“We also hope that Togo, under its leadership, has a measured, balanced and constructive approach in relation to the politically-secure gesture of the region in general, and only in relation to the transition process,” he said.

However, Togo claims that its experience of 15 years under the embargo and Mali does not benefit from the advice and guidance of its authorities.

“We do not consider Togo to have the legitimacy, experience and convenience of sharing its experience with Mali in order to sort out the situation in a variety of ways,” he said.

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