Tuesday, 17 May 2022
WorldTruck queue at the Hamzabeyli Border Gate to Bulgaria

Truck queue at the Hamzabeyli Border Gate to Bulgaria

Due to the recent increase in Turkey’s exports, the negative impact of maritime transport due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the shift of some of the truck routes to the western border gates, there is a density at the border gates.

Hundreds of trucks are waiting in line at the Hamzabeyli Border Gate, which opens to Bulgaria, to take their cargo to Europe.

Due to the inability of Bulgaria to respond to the intensity, the waiting in the queue of the trucks that want to exit Turkey takes hours.

Truck driver Engin Tatar told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he was carrying cargo to Germany and had been waiting in line for hours.

Stating that he entered the queue yesterday morning, Tatar said, “I am still here. I have 7 kilometers ahead of me. Bulgaria is working very hard. Our gates are working fast. Now, if we go and check, at least 50 cars are waiting in line to enter Bulgaria at the exit of customs.” said.

Orhan Yılmaz, who carries glass to Romania, stated that he has been waiting in line for 2 days and that waiting in Hamzabeyli tires the drivers more than the journey.

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