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Tunisia: efforts to prevent marine pollution in Gabès after the collapse of a petrol station

AA / Tunisia

The Tunisian Minister of Defense has taken part, in part, in his intervention to prevent marine pollution in large parts of Gabès (sud-est), in coordination with payers, suite the navigation of a navigating brand.

Samedi, the Tunisian Minister of Environment, announced that the teams of the National Guard and the Civil Protection (civil Protection) were on board the crew of a fuel-fired ship over large areas of the country, subject to accidents. which prevents the flow of water from flowing in time and the sea is agitated and it is found that the water is infiltrated into the machine room, mounting around two meters of height.

At this point, the Tunisian Minister of Defense declared in a statement that “my weapon supervises intervention operations to prevent marine pollution in the area”.

The Minister shall state that ” it is necessary to face the repercussions of the blowing of the oil tanker by mobilizing all available national means and in coordination and consultation with the intervening authorities and regional committees to deal with catastrophic and collapsing disasters ( without mention). “

“It pays to express its willingness to allow assistance to Tunisia regarding urgent and appropriate intervention on the ground and to take all necessary measures to boost the perimeter of the ship and prevent the supply of gas to the fuel to avoid a marine environmental catastrophe “, according to the same communication.

In addition to the Dimanche journal, the Tunisian Minister of Commerce declares “affidavit to check the rights of the Tunisian State, a maritime inquiry has been opened as an excuse for the national maritime law and the international conventions known to him accident-related variables “.

Explain that the procedures comprise “verifying the nature of the activity of the suspended vessel, identifying the movements in the course of the last period and taking all necessary legal measurements according to the results thereof”.

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