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WorldTunisia: New composition of Independent Superior Instance for selections

Tunisia: New composition of Independent Superior Instance for selections

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Presidential decree issued by Tunisian President Kais Saïed, lundi, reveals the new composition of the Independent Superior Instance for Elections (ISIE).

The ISIE novel is chaired by Farouk Bouaskar, a member of the instance court.

The new composition consists of 6 members, including Sami Ben Slama and Mohamed Tlili Mansri (two members of the instance court), Habib Rebii (magistrate of judicial order), Maher Jedidi (magistrate of administrative order) , Mahmoud Ouaer (Master of Finance), and Mohamed Naoufel Frikha (specialist engineer in information systems and computer security).

Independent Superior Instance for Choices is a constitutional body that oversees elections since October 2011.

It is comparatively composed of 9 “independent, neutral and qualified” members, except by Parliament for a majority of two tiers, performing all functions for a term of 6 years, reproducible by tiers on both sides.

According to the presidential decree published on April 22 in the Official Journal, the fundamentals and the composition of the ISI have been amended, the office of instance has also been “composed of 7 nominal members by presidential decree.”

Multiple political forces, not moving the “Ennahdha” and the “Workers’ Party” (gauze), on the other to decide on the amendment of ISIE, considering that it does not appear in the frame of the “conservation of individual power . “

Tunisia turns into a grave political crisis since July 25, suite on measures of exclusion imposed by Saeed, note the dissolution of Parliament, the suppression of the body controlling the constitutionality of the people, the promulgation of the people by presidential decrees and the dissolution of the Superior Council of the master.

Tunisian political forces qualify these measures as “coup d’etat against the Constitution”, even though other forces consider them as a “correction of the course of the 2011 revolution.”

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