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WorldTurkey confirms need to stay open to dialogue between Russia and Ukraine

Turkey confirms need to stay open to dialogue between Russia and Ukraine

AA / Geneva

Turkey has confirmed, Jewish, the need to keep open the dialogue routes between Russia and Ukraine in order to provide a pacifist solution to the current crisis between the two countries.

This is a resumption of a declaration published by the Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations in Geneva, within the framework of a special session of the Council of Members of the United Nations on Ukraine.

The Turkish representation of a rapprochement, in communication, the sovereignty of Turkey’s sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and including Crimea, which Russia unilaterally annexed in 2014.

Following the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, it was reported that the images coming from the capital, Kiev, and the Bucha and Marioupol regions in Ukraine were “terrifying”.

“No part of the Ukrainian people, and the civilian innocence and civil infrastructure can no longer be accepted,” the statement said, indicating the need for ten responsive civilian responses by an independent inquiry.

“We need to open the channels of dialogue in order to improve the humanitarian situation and to provide a pacifist solution,” insisted the Turkish representation.

The document also confirms that Turkey is making efforts to establish peace between the two countries.

On February 24, Russia launched an offensive against Ukraine, following an international network and economic sanctions against Moscow, which pushed for a final operation as Kiev renounced its plan to re-launch militant and restricted entities. neutral, which this deed is considered as a “power” in its sovereignty.

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