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WorldTurkey exported aquatic products to 106 countries in 2021

Turkey exported aquatic products to 106 countries in 2021

Mehmet Nuri Yılmaz, Deputy General Manager of Fisheries and Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, stated that as of 2021, they exported 96 million dollars only in Elazig, and said, “When you index it to Turkey, only aquaculture exports are 10 percent of the agricultural product in 2021. we did.” said.

Yılmaz participated in the in-service training program on “Limnological Survey and Catchable Stock Determination” organized by the General Directorate of Fisheries and Fisheries and hosted by the Directorate of Elazig Fisheries Research Institute.

Speaking here, Yılmaz said that Turkey has an important potential in terms of seas and inland water resources and aquaculture production.

Stating that the protection and sustainability of water resources is of great importance in meeting the food needs of the increasing world population, Yılmaz said, “In this context, everyone, users, decision makers and scientists have extremely important duties. Besides the balance of protecting and using these resources, their sustainability is also very important. Among these resources we have, we have around 500 fish species in the seas and around 380 in inland waters. We need to own these fish species in order to keep them really dynamic.” he said.

“Our water products are extremely healthy and of high quality”

Yılmaz stated that they contribute to the country’s economy with the sustainable use of water resources and the reinforcement of decreasing stocks, meeting the need for animal protein, healthy food supply, employment and production.

Stating that they produced 56 million carp juveniles in 2021 and used them for the fisheries of 1023 fish in 74 provinces across Turkey, Yılmaz stated that their 2022 target is to produce 84 million fish and their 2023 target is to produce 100 million fish.

Pointing out that Elazig has a serious potential in aquaculture production with dams, rivers and ponds, Yılmaz said, “I am saying that Turkey has a potential to meet 22 percent of the trout production. Last year, as of 2021, 96 million dollars only in Elazig. We exported. When you index it to Turkey, we exported only aquaculture products at 10% of the agricultural product in 2021. We exported directly to 106 countries within the 1 billion 400 million dollars agricultural product in 2021. The fish we really produce, our aquatic products It is extremely healthy and high quality. Our Elazig produces it, Turkey produces it and we export it to the world.” used the phrases.

“We have a serious production capacity for aquaculture in inland waters”

Elazig Governor Ömer Toraman also stated that the Ministry carries out important studies on the sustainability of agricultural production through the research institutes it established.

Stating that Elazig has an important potential in terms of water resources and that it has been utilized at the best level with the point reached in trout production, Toraman said, “We have a very serious production capacity for aquaculture in inland waters. Now we can offer not only fish producing but also processed products of fish to the market and We are in a position to export seriously.” said.

Özkan Özbay, Director of the Elazığ Fisheries Research Institute, stated that 12 million tons of the fisheries fishing amount, which is 96.4 million tons worldwide, is obtained from inland waters, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Stating that 325 thousand tons of fishery products were caught in Turkey in 2020, 292 thousand tons from the seas and 33 thousand tons from inland waters, according to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), Özbay said that in this context, limnological surveys and catchable stock determination studies are important in terms of sustainable use of water resources. stressed that.

Explaining that the Agriculture and Forestry directorates in 21 provinces in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolian regions provide in-service training to their technical personnel, “As an institution, we have especially emphasized our education, R&D and production aspects in the last 5 years. We produced within the scope of fisheries and our training activities every year. continues. We think that these trainings are extremely beneficial in terms of equipping the technical personnel who are new to the provincial and district agriculture directorates and who have not received such training before.” he said.

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Ali Kılıç stated that climate change and human activities are threatening water resources, and that for this reason, scientific research on the sustainable use of water resources is important and that they attach importance to training programs.

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