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WorldTurkish army launches new anti-terrorist operation in northern Iraq

Turkish army launches new anti-terrorist operation in northern Iraq

On Monday night, the Turkish army launched a new operation in northern Iraq against militants of the PKK terrorist organization.

The start of the operation, codenamed Pençe Kilit, was announced by Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, who arrived at the location of the Turkish Air Force Operational Headquarters, accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff and commanders of the armed forces.

According to him, anti-terrorist activities cover three Iraqi regions: Metina, Zap and Avashin-Basyan and are carried out with the active support of aviation.

The head of the Turkish defense department said that powerful airstrikes were inflicted on terrorist targets.

The areas of the probable location of the militants were also fired from large-caliber artillery and self-propelled guns.

Then special forces groups landed in northern Iraq, supported by ATAK attack helicopters and UAVs.

“The operation continues successfully and in accordance with the plans. As part of the first stage, control over all planned goals was ensured,” Akar said.

The head of the Turkish Defense Ministry stressed that Ankara respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq, and all the actions of the Turkish army are aimed at eliminating the threat of terrorism in the region. At the same time, all steps are being taken to eliminate damage to the civilian population, as well as religious and cultural sites in Iraq.

The head of the Turkish Defense Ministry also got in touch with the pilots participating in the Pençe Kilit operation.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier that since 1984, when the PKK militants first carried out a terrorist attack in Turkey, thousands of Turkish security forces, military and civilians have died at the hands of this bloody organization.

The United States and the European Union have listed the PKK as a terrorist organization.

In recent years, the PKK has sought to shift responsibility for the bloody crimes in the region to its offshoots.

In Syria, PKK terrorists cover themselves with the names PYD and YPG, and in the last two years they have called themselves the “Syrian Democratic Forces”.

In Iran, the PKK operates as the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK).

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