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WorldTurkish Red Crescent gave iftar to 150 people in Srebrenica on World...

Turkish Red Crescent gave iftar to 150 people in Srebrenica on World Orphans Day

Officials from the Turkish Red Crescent Headquarters and Bosnia and Herzegovina branch, Ömür Şanlı, the Director of the İzmir Konak Branch of the Turkish Red Crescent, and the accompanying delegation, local politicians, relatives of martyrs, Srebrenica Mothers Association officials, orphans and orphan families attended the iftar.

In his statement here, Şanlı emphasized that the month of Ramadan carries the message of unity and solidarity, and stated that the iftar program was held with Srebrenica Mothers and orphans on the occasion of “World Orphans Day”.

Reminding that the Bosnia and Herzegovina branch of the Turkish Red Crescent has been serving in cooperation with aid institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 3.5 years, Şanlı said, “Our culture and religion teaches that we should protect orphans and serve for their well-being, and our civilization teaches that caring for orphans protects humanity. We may not be able to stop the bad, but we can increase the good.” said.

Victims of the “1995 Srebrenica Genocide” were also commemorated at the fast-breaking meal.

Turkish Red Crescent distributed Ramadan supplies to 100 families in Srebrenica

In addition to the iftar program, Turkish Red Crescent also distributed Ramadan food items in Srebrenica.

Ramadan food was distributed to 100 families in need in the city.

In the statement made by the Turkish Red Crescent, it was also stated that a holiday package will be prepared for 100 orphans before Eid al-Fitr.

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