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WorldTwo photographs that won awards at the Istanbul Photo Awards were also...

Two photographs that won awards at the Istanbul Photo Awards were also included in the Pulitzer’s list.

Photojournalist Marcus Yam’s “Fall of Afghanistan” and Drew Angerer’s “January 6th Congressional Raid” photographs, which were awarded in the jury evaluation of the Istanbul Photo Awards in March, were awarded the best breaking news photography at the Pulitzer Prizes announced in the USA (Breaking News Photography) category.

Pulitzer, one of the most important journalism awards in the world and giving out awards in the media field since 1917, has a photo by Los Angeles Times photojournalist Marcus Yam in the category of Breaking News Photography, and a photo depicting the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, and Drew Angerer from Getty Images. He evaluated the “January 6th Congress Raid” photos of the team of 5 people as the best shots.

Marcus Yam won the first prize in the “Single News” category at the Istanbul Photo Awards organized by AA with his Afghanistan photographs, for which he received a Pulitzer award, and Drew Angerer, who received the Pulitzer from the Getty Images team, in the “Single News” competition with his photo documenting the raid in the US Congress. It won the second prize in the category.

Marcus Yam was also awarded the first prize in the “Istanbul Photo Awards 2018” in the category of Series Nature and Environment related to the forest fires in California.

On the other hand, among the team of 5 photojournalists of Getty Images, which received this year’s Pulitzer, is Drew Angerer, as well as photojournalist Samuel Corum, who previously worked in the Washington office of Anadolu Agency.

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