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Two visitors detained for causing ‘irreversible damage’ to the Great Wall of China

An unpleasant episode has occurred in the last few hours in China, specifically in the monument par excellence and one of the most iconic in the world – considered one of the 7 wonders of Humanity with more than 20,000 kilometers long– as is the Great Wall of China.

Monument, one of the most visited in the world and which was built precisely by the emperors to prevent foreigners from reaching China, crosses China, part of Mongolia and North Korea.

The event occurred on Monday, when two people dug a hole with an excavator in the very wall with the idea of ​​reducing the times of their journeys, as reported by the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

great wall of chinaGetty Images

In fact, and according to the information from said medium, they themselves confessed the authorities to have carried out these events with said objective, so they were stopped by the policewho realized what happened by following the traces left by the machinery used.

Shortly after, those responsible for the maintenance of the Wall together with the Chinese authorities, revealed that the acts have caused “irreversible damage” in what was an area “relatively intact”.

It should be noted that the wall was built over centuries, since it was the dynasty Qin the one that started it, in the third century BC., and being culminated by the dynasty ming in the century XV of our era, after numerous demolitions and reconstructions.

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