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TechTwo wars, two destinies: Ukraine and Afghanistan

Two wars, two destinies: Ukraine and Afghanistan

World leaders are very busy deciding the fate of the Russia-Ukraine war, particularly Western countries bent on maintaining a conflict that will bring them profits from the production of very high-powered weapons. And if by the way they can put obstacles to the development of a country that disputes international hegemony, even better.

And to what seems like an impasse, two very important issues have now been added: first, the suspicious death of Evguéni Prigozhin, when the plane in which he was traveling crashed on August 24. Wagner’s mercenary chief was accompanied by Dimitry Utkin, also a founder of that organization, as well as other co-religionists. Recognized for his participation in different wars, in accordance with his profession, with no greater commitment than the resources offered to him, for example, the paramilitary group he commanded was definitive in eradicating the terrorist Islamic Army of Syria, although due to “his” work it was He became an entrepreneur involved in various businesses.

Prigozhin. Questioned death. Photo: Telegram Channel

However, the most important thing about Wagner was his close relationship with President Vladimir Putin until something happened in the ranks of the Russian army, which he criticized for the length of its actions in the war, even mentioning a possible mutiny or breakup. inside.

President Putin flew into a rage, questioning the loyalty of the Wagner group, and not much is known about what happened, due to the difficulty of consulting closer sources and generally having to do analysis with information from Western media outlets. it has scope, always skewed.

Prigozhin’s relationship with the army must have been good and, according to his organization, it is known that the weapons that the militia used in Syria were transported by the Russian Ministry of Defense, in accordance with high levels of Russian decision-making.

Therefore, the criticism and possible rebellion of the Wagner group fell very badly in the military spheres and in the president himself who demands loyalty. After the summer problems, linked to an increase in actions on the Ukrainian front, it turned out that there could hardly be seen a reprimand against Prigozhin and not his dismissal or possible imprisonment of him.

Hence, international opinion suggests that what happened was not an accident, although it will be difficult to know exactly what happened on the plane in which he was traveling. Now we will have to wait to see what will happen to the Wagner group, if it will find a new boss or if it will simply disappear.

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Putin. The invader. Photo: AP

The other issue that has attracted attention, and coincides with that “accident”, was the revelation of Ukraine’s responsibility in the bombing of the strategic Kerch bridge that connects Russia with the Crimean peninsula, in a first action in October 2022. and another in July of this year of 2023.

Attributed to Russia, in order to fabricate arguments to attack Ukraine, it was kept hidden; For this, marine drones with state-of-the-art technology were used. Later, similar versions also blamed her for terrorist acts against the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, in southeastern Ukraine, which has not been proven.

There is no doubt about the empowerment of the Ukrainians in the global information sphere, if Vasil Maliuk himself, head of the Ukrainian Security Services, was in charge of publicizing their participation in something that showed that they had penetrated the Russian defense.

However, rather than interpreting the military strategy, I want to insist that the prolongation of the war is the responsibility of NATO and the allied countries that operate in unison against Russia to defend their own interests. How else can the granting of the disputed F-16 aircraft be interpreted to strengthen the air shield in a concerted operation in the Netherlands, authorized by the United States and Denmark.

The Russia-Ukraine war has the singularity that, despite it, the contenders reach agreements to distribute agricultural products required by different countries and essential for those in the Middle East. In addition, the Ukrainian president makes state visits to different countries, makes virtual appearances at festivals and assemblies, becoming an international showman.

At the same time, another war is taking place in Afghanistan, with poor contenders and without the monetary resources to purchase weapons as in Ukraine. The problem is that the humanism that Western countries promote as an ideology is false, and there is no intention to look at what is happening beyond the borders of their interests. When the United States left that country two years ago, I wrote about what was coming: “What has changed in two decades regarding the strength of the Taliban, supposedly reduced by the United States presence in that country? Everything seems to indicate that very little, if while this withdrawal is taking place, the guerrilla that spread terror in the country has returned to its old jurisdiction since it became government in 1996.

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Taliban in Afghanistan. The war between poverty. Photo: AP

“Then women could not go out on the streets alone, they were forced to wear the burqa, the veil that covers the entire body, since they were girls; men had to let the fence grow and music was prohibited. Despite the changes that have occurred since then, there is enormous fear that the Taliban will return to their old ways…”

The nightmare that has been the Taliban is repeated when in August 2023 Afghanistan faces its archaisms with everything it has brought for the Afghans and, in particular, for their women.

It is then an internal war with more unequal contenders, with no winner in sight. All mired in poverty that places their country among the two poorest on the planet, where 24 million people require humanitarian aid, more than two million have been displaced in the last two years. For the rest, five million 700 thousand people are in countries like Iran and Pakistan, fleeing violence and violation of human rights.

These two wars coincide in time, one of boasting and misusing the enormous wealth of this world and another that demonstrates the shortcomings that many countries experience. Both with destinations impossible to define.

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