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Uganda: 20 dead in a road accident

AA / Pascal Mulegwa

The Ugandan police announced the death of 20 people in a traffic accident, on Wednesday, on the route reliably from Fort Portal’s town to the capital, Kampala.

The accident occurs when a passing bus is cut off from the plantation of its output in the west of the valley.

The police, in a public communication in Kampala, declared that the incident took place in the Kabarole district. The bodies were transported to the morgue of Buhinga Hospital, according to the Xinhua Press Agency.

«Jusqu’à present, 20 persons were confirmed dead, of which 13 were adults and 7 were minors. 20, 11 are men and new are women », the police declared in a communication.

“The blessings have been transported urgently to Buhinga Hospital for their first premiums”, according to the communication.

Communicating with the police does not provide any information on the causes of the accident, one of the most common of these delays reported on the roads or routes and stops. In some thrones, they are paired with chicken nipples and hair.

After the incident, the photo was taken of the mounting photos of the security guards and the badass trying to save the survivors of the endomagage.

Mortal accidents are common in Uganda. A recent police report indicated that 387 accidents were occurring between April 24 and 30, at a rate of only 60 people being decapitated.

According to police statistics, up to 20,000 road accidents occur every year at all costs, causing more than 2,000 Ugandans to pay more than one routine mortality rate. élevés.

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