Tuesday, 26 September 2023
WorldUkraine attacks Russian border village, 1 civilian is shot dead

Ukraine attacks Russian border village, 1 civilian is shot dead


A civilian in a Russian border village was shot dead. The victim was shot dead in a Ukrainian attack in the Belgorod region, Russia.

Reported by AFP, Tuesday (5/9/2023), the western region has repeatedly experienced Ukrainian attacks for months. In fact, in May it was the site of an armed attack by Kyiv-backed fighters.

“As a result of repeated shelling in the village of Kozinka in Grayvoron district, one civilian was killed,” said Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

He said the victim died at the scene before the ambulance arrived.

Gladkov said a woman was also injured in the attack. The woman suffered shrapnel wounds to her thigh and the victim has been treated in hospital.

Grayvoron was the site of a cross-border offensive in the spring, when Moscow announced it had launched a counter-terrorism operation and deployed helicopters and artillery to repel fighters crossing from Ukraine.

The attack was claimed by a Russian anti-Kremlin nationalist group.

The Russian territory bordering Ukraine has been the target of intensified attacks this summer, since Kyiv promised in July that war would return to Russia.


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