Friday, 20 May 2022
WorldUkraine claims down more Russian helicopter gunships

Ukraine claims down more Russian helicopter gunships

KYIV, Ukraine

Ukraine early Monday claimed that its air defense forces downed more Russian attack helicopters.

Russian troops, who continue to bomb Ukrainian cities and kill civilians, have suffered heavy losses, the Ukrainian Air Force said in a statement.

“Thus, in the last 24 hours, in addition to the KA-52 helicopter, we downed two Mi-24 attack helicopters, one aircraft and one Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle,” the statement said.

At least 1,982 civilians have been killed and 2,651 injured in Ukraine so far in the war, according to UN estimates.

The actual figure is believed to be much higher.

More than 4.8 million Ukrainians have fled to other countries, with more than 7 million more internally displaced, the UN refugee agency says.

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