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WorldUkraine-Russia war: deadliest Ukrainian strike on the border, Moscow responds

Ukraine-Russia war: deadliest Ukrainian strike on the border, Moscow responds

After the Ukrainian strike in Russia, the largest since the start of the conflict, Moscow continues its attacks on the whole of Ukraine.

At dawn on Sunday December 31, the Russian army launched new attacks on Ukraine. The day before, kyiv struck hard on Russian territory, killing 22 people and injuring 109 in the town of Belgorod. Following the attack on Saturday December 30, Moscow promised a response. During the night, four Iranian “Shahed” drones targeted the city of Kharkiv, located in northeastern Ukraine, according to statements by the spokesperson for the regional prosecutor, Dmytro Tchoubenko. The mayor of the bombed city, Ihor Terekhov, reported the attack on Telegram: “As a result of the night attack by Russian drones on Kharkiv, buildings in the city center were damaged. It is not a question of “military installations, but cafes, residential buildings and offices.”

The deadliest strike on Russian territory

The Russian strike was organized in direct response to the Ukrainian attack perpetrated the day before and which turned out to be the deadliest on Russian territory since the start of the war, in February 2022. If Ukraine regularly strikes Russia, it It is rare that the death toll leaves so many victims. The Russian Defense Ministry assured that the Ukrainian offensive would not go “unpunished”. At the UN Security Council, Moscow accused kyiv of having committed “a deliberate act of terrorism” and of having “used cluster munitions”. The Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vassili Nebenzia, denounced “a blind and deliberate attack against a civilian target” by assuring that the Ukrainian army targeted a sports center, an ice rink and a university.

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