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WorldUkraine will defeat Russia and 'liberate' itself from occupation, UK PM says

Ukraine will defeat Russia and ‘liberate’ itself from occupation, UK PM says

Ukraine will defeat Russia and free itself from occupation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Ukrainian lawmakers on Tuesday.

Johnson said in his speech before the Ukrainian Parliament – he is the first leader to do so – that the fight with Russia is a fight of “good against evil”.

“It is a great honor for me to address you at this pivotal moment in history and I commend the courage with which you are coming together, the way you continue to come together, despite a barbaric attack on your freedoms,” Johnson said.

“Day after day missiles and bombs continue to rain down on the innocent people of Ukraine. In the south and east of his wonderful country, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin continues his grotesque and illegal campaign to take and hold Ukrainian soil,” he added.

Russian soldiers no longer “have the excuse of not knowing what they are doing,” he said. “They are committing war crimes and their atrocities are emerging wherever they are forced to retreat, as we have seen in Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel and many other places.”

Johnson continued: “I have a message for you today: Ukraine will win; Ukraine will be free.”

The British prime minister told Ukrainian lawmakers that they “have shattered the myth of Putin’s invincibility and have written one of the most glorious chapters in military history and in the life of their country.”

He said that “the so-called irresistible force of Putin’s war machine has crashed into the immovable object of Ukrainian patriotism and love of the fatherland.”

Describing the situation as “Ukraine’s finest hour,” Johnson said: “Your children and grandchildren will say that Ukrainians taught the world that the brute force of an aggressor counts not against the moral force of a people determined to be free.” .

He also said the West was “too slow to understand what was really going on” in 2014 when Russia seized Crimea, adding “we cannot make the same mistake again.”

Johnson also announced a further 300 million pounds ($375.5 million) in aid to Ukraine in his pre-recorded speech.

“I am able to announce today from the UK government a new support package totaling £300 million, including radars to identify the artillery bombing your cities, heavy-lift drones to supply your forces and thousands of night vision devices. “, said.

“We will continue to supply Ukraine, along with its other friends, with weapons, funds and humanitarian aid, until we have achieved our long-term goal, which must be to strengthen Ukraine so that no one dares attack them again.”

The new package will include a counter-battery radar system, heavy-lift drones, GPS jamming equipment, and thousands of night vision devices.

Johnson concluded his speech by repeating his belief that Ukraine will win.

“When we look at the heroism of the Ukrainian people and the bravery of their leader Volodymyr Zelensky, we know that Ukraine will win,” he said.

“And we in the UK will do everything we can to restore a free, sovereign and independent Ukraine,” he concluded.

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