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UN: Dialogue with the Taliban is important for the interests of Afghanistan and the world

United Nations in New York (UN) of the Security Council (UNSCSpeaking at his session on Afghanistan, Al-Akbarov said, referring to the Taliban, “We still believe that adopting a strategy of dialogue and sustained engagement with the de facto authorities is the only way forward for both Afghan interests and regional and international security.” said.

“Next month, we aim to increase political consultation and, in the longer term, integration with de facto authorities to increase the predictability of our relationship,” Al-Akbarov said. used the phrase.

international community and TalibanEmphasizing that cooperation and progress can be made to improve the lives of Afghans on issues of common concern such as “drug control and mine action”, Al-Akbarov said, “The challenges ahead are great and will require patience, but we have to endure them. The Afghan people deserve this, and we still believe this is the only way forward in their interest and in the international community’s interest.” he said.

Referring to the loss of life and property in the earthquake in Afghanistan yesterday, Al-Akbarov warned that the ongoing economic crisis in the country could turn into a driving force of internal conflict.

Al-Akbarov also pointed out that Afghanistan’s economy has shrunk by 30-40 percent since August, emphasizing that the poverty rate could reach 97 percent by the end of 2022 and that 82 percent of families are currently living in debt.

Martin Griffiths, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, also attended the session.

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