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United States: at least 10 people in a buffalo camping in New York State

AA / Istanbul

A single-seater smuggled goods into a buffet supply store in New York State, killing at least 10 people.

The Associated Press (AP), citing an anonymous security source, reported that “at least 10 people were trapped inside a buffalo supply store in Buffalo.”

According to the information collected by the AP from other police sources, the tire runs directly into the feed store with an automatic weapon before opening the firebox.

The threads indicate that the assay carries a pair of balls.

In addition to the newspaper, the local police announced that “several people have been touched by the fear of firearms in the middle of nowhere, in a New York State supply store”.

It is indicated to prevent the suspect from entering the line with the fuselage, according to the AP.

The American mainland authorities have established a definite balance of victories, and the police have not established the identity of the perpetrator, whether indicated by the presence of a terrorist act, criminal or other nature.

In this case, New York Governor Kathy Hochul indicated on Twitter that the situation in Buffalo would continue, and that representatives of the state would be able to offer it to local authorities.

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