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BusinessUPA will maintain demonstrations in the countryside

UPA will maintain demonstrations in the countryside

The Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) sees “progress” after the meeting held this week with the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, who presented a package of 18 measures to respond to the situation of farmers and ranchersbut they believe that there is still “a way to go”, so they will maintain the demonstrations and rallies planned throughout the national territory during this month.

“There has been progress, yes, but there is still a very important way to go, so we continue with the calendar of mobilizations. We are going to continue with it, now with more force than ever, because we need that pressure to be transferred to it now once and for all to the administrations,” said the secretary of the UPA Federal Executive, Ignacio Huertas, in statements to Europa Press.

Regarding the meeting held yesterday with Planas He has acknowledged that it happened with the “pressure” that is currently generated in the field that is experiencing a “very complicated situation.” “We value the concrete measures that were put on the table,” he assured.

In this way, he has highlighted the measures to simplify the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) such as the elimination of the mandatory digital farm notebook, which generated “quite a lot of controversy” among farmers and ranchers by generating “an added bureaucracy”, the elimination of the georeferenced photos that meant “carrying out the work of the Administration itself” or that it has been guaranteed that aid for agricultural diesel is “effectively” maintained.

However, Huertas believes that it is necessary to “concrete” other measures both at the level of the European Union or those that have and are the responsibility of the autonomous communities, which will meet with Planas next Monday. “The CCAA have a lot to say in all these areas that we are demanding, both in the simplification of bureaucracy and the flexibility of the common area policy, or in the proper functioning of the Food Chain Law,” he noted.

“There is a set of measures that the European Union has to approve to solve part of the problems of farmers and ranchers, and there are other measures, which are the autonomous communities themselves, which also have to approve on their own,” has insisted.

Claim aid for the olive grove and the vineyard

On the other hand, UPA has regretted that proposals were left out for some sectors such as olive groves and vineyards, which are having a “very important problem” due to the weather and which have not had any support from any Administration.

“We demand that there must be a set of measures in several specific areas. On the one hand, We talk about compliance with the law of the chain to guarantee that we can sell at prices that cover our costs of production. And in the EU they have to have our opinion when it comes to making environmental regulations, something that does not happen,” he told Europa Press.

In this way, Huertas has reiterated that the established calendar of mobilizations is maintained, highlighting the demonstration on the 26th in Madrid, coinciding with the Council of Ministers, where all these issues will be discussed at the level of the European Union. “It is time to put pressure on the administrations to truly, once and for all, give us an answer,” he concluded.


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