Friday, 22 September 2023
SportsUS sends $250 million worth of weapons to Ukraine

US sends $250 million worth of weapons to Ukraine

WASHINGTON (AP).- The United States will send an additional 250 million dollars in weapons and ammunition to Ukraine as part of its continued support for the counteroffensive of Ukrainian forces against the Russian invaders.

The weapons will come from existing arsenals and will include demining equipment, artillery and rockets, ambulance and medical equipment, as well as other items and spare parts, the State Department reported.

“This package will help Ukrainian forces on the battlefield and their air defenses as Russia continues its brutal attacks against the Ukrainian people, including this week,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Jean said Tuesday. Pierre.

The State Department said the package includes AIM-9M air defense missiles, high-mobility rocket and artillery systems, 155mm and 105mm projectiles, and more than 3 million small arms ammunition.

The United States had run out of funds to provide more weapons to Ukraine, but recently realized that the Pentagon overpriced the equipment already shipped, freeing up another $6.2 billion in funds.

Ukraine has already received more than $43 billion in US aid since Russia invaded last year. Those funds have allowed it to buy warfare systems and millions of pieces of munitions to fight against the much larger Russian forces.

Due to the intensity of the war, now in its 18th month, much of the ammunition shipped to Ukraine has already been used.

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