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EntertainmentUstaz said: The goodness of Allah SWT gives signs of impending death

Ustaz said: The goodness of Allah SWT gives signs of impending death


No one ever knows when death will come. However, Allah SWT is actually kind enough to give signs.

All humans certainly hope to die in a state of khusnul khatimah. The presence of signs of impending death is goodness and a gift from Allah SWT.

Ustaz said, quoting advice from Ustaz Maulana. It is impossible for Allah SWT to let his people die without preparation. However, not all humans are aware of these signs.

The following is Ustaz Maulana’s full explanation:

One thing for us, that is actually the characteristics or signs of the arrival of death, I immediately took the picture of why Allah gives signs. It is part of Allah SWT’s mercy, it is part of Allah’s grace, it is part of Allah’s kindness, it is part of Allah’s generosity, it is part of Allah’s kindness to His servants. If you die immediately, there are no signs, there is no preparation.

You don’t have to go far for death, if a sleepy person wants to sleep, there must be a sign. If you don’t feel sleepy, you don’t yawn, how can someone who is riding a motorbike fall asleep right away? How are people who bring the car straight to sleep?

Its characteristics are in body changes and abilities. The Prophet Daud As once asked, ‘Angel of death if you want to take my life, give me a sign’. Suddenly not long after, as a result suddenly came the Angel of Death. Prophet Daud As, ‘Didn’t we have an agreement, if you want to take my life I will give a sign’. Said the Angel of Death, ‘I have received many letters’.

That’s wrinkled skin, those wrinkles are part of the history of life. Sorry, parents are good. Old people already feel young, young people don’t necessarily feel old. Hair turning gray, that’s a sign of it.

Thank God, my wife died, I was by her side. My mother died, I was by her side. My grandmother died thank God I was by her side.

Because why? Thank God, I have studied in Islamic boarding schools, the characteristics and signs of someone who is about to die. His skin is dry and there is no sound anymore, then the tongue is raised to the palate and it is tasteless, the sweat doesn’t stick anymore, it’s not sticky.

There is (characteristic). That’s why it’s like a dream to meet someone, there’s a wish to apologize without patronizing, ‘Ouch I had this dream, I dreamed I met people who have returned to Rahmatullah, I was visited by this’.

If the arrival of people who have returned to Rahmatullah earlier is part of a sign of impending death. Because (they) already welcome.

Fearing Allah is different from fearing animals. If we are afraid of wild animals we must stay away. If you are afraid of, apologize to Allah SWT, we must be closer.

Some people dream that their teeth fall out, if the back teeth mean that they have a long life, because if someone loses their back teeth, it is a sign that they have a long life.

Some say that people’s upper teeth are a little farther away, if they are slightly closer to the bottom, that’s part of the interpretation of dreams. We just have to be kind. Don’t get me wrong. Only in this case are we being approached to give a warning.

I leave a small message, if anyone dreams that their teeth fall out, don’t announce it at the mosque. It’s just a warning to ourselves to do good.

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