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WorldUzbekistan fully enters the Spanish melon war

Uzbekistan fully enters the Spanish melon war

A country is making its way strongly into the European melon market, a key product in the Spanish agri-food sector. This is the incursion that Uzbek companies that market this product in particularly relevant places such as Germany have been making for a few years.

According to the specialized portal Fresh Plaza, the company disFruta, based in Duisburg, has been selling melons for three years and its forecast for this year is good. “We buy 20 tons of melons a day, which we receive directly from Uzbekistan,” explained the general director of disFruta Fruchtimport GmbH, Ersan Yildizak.

The person in charge of the firm has pointed out that the key will be in quality, giving a glimpse of the price ranges: “The qualities are very good this year. The price fluctuates between 1.10 and 1.20 EUR/kg, which is due to the higher costs of transport companies, which alone represent a surcharge of EUR 0.50/kg”.

“The best melons on the market”

Part of this volume of fruit is purchased directly by the wholesalers and the requests are already beginning to arouse good feelings. “In my opinion, they are currently the best melons on the market, which is partly due to the fact that they are ripened in the sun,” he explains, pointing out that “the demand is very good” and that “the season started about two weeks ago.” and will continue for a month and a half.”

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