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Valencia already warns: the water bill will rise to pay the canon deferred by Puig

With the end of summer and the beginning of the school year in September, one of the star measures implemented by Ximo Puig’s Government to reduce the effects of inflation will paradoxically begin to be noticed with a new rise in the bill for a basic supply: water.

The Valencia City Council has decided to launch a campaign with the company in charge of the supply in the capital, Emivasa, to warn of the increase that water bills will suffer in the coming months. As published elEconomista.esthe rise in the water bill starting this month It will occur by having to pay the regional sanitation fee that the previous Botànic Government approved to postpone for a year as a star measure.

Although the measure was announced as a suspension of the fee, as the bills issued actually reflected a deferral of payment, so that subscribers throughout the Valencian Community, in addition to paying again for that charge that they had not paid in the last year they will have to add the return of the amounts that were not included in those months. In that way, the Generalitat Valenciana will recover the nearly 280 million euros which at the time announced that they would continue in the pockets of citizens to combat the rise in prices.

Given this situation and the surprise that the increase will mean for most households, the municipal government of Valencia, which after the elections passed into the hands of the PP, has approved that Emivasa, the municipal concessionaire of the service, carry out an informative communication to explain this situation to the residents of Valencia. According to the spokesperson for the municipal government, councilor Juan Carlos Caballero, the City Council has opted for this measure for users. “can make the necessary forecasts”.

In this way, until January 31, 2025, the invoices will include the fee deferred from August 2022 to July 2023, which will have to be paid by the residents. on the receipt will appear as an additional fee for canon recovery that will be paid together with the corresponding one for that period.

The consistory also makes it clear that this tax is not a municipal competence and corresponds to the Generalitat Valenciana, which finances with it the construction, operation and maintenance of purification stations and sanitation networks.

The climb affects the entire territory of the Valencian Community and close to two million homesalthough the canon is paid through the water bill issued by the companies and municipalities in charge of this supply in each locality.

Almost 20 euros more per month

Although the amount to be paid for the fee also depends on consumption, each Valencian household stopped paying about 12 euros per month on average by saving the sanitation fee, according to data made public by the Generalitat itself. The proration of the deferred amount will mean almost 8 euros more per month, thus water bills will be almost 20 euros higher than the current ones by including the fee again and adding what was not charged.

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