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TechValve Holds Steam Strategy Fest, Game Discounts Up to 90%

Valve Holds Steam Strategy Fest, Game Discounts Up to 90%


Valves is back again with an attractive offer. This time through an event entitled Steam Strategy Festthey provide a series of PC games at very cheap prices.

It is said to be cheap, because it can make gamers save more when buying one or several games at Steam. Here people can enjoy huge discounts of up to 90%.

Even after detikINET tracing it on Steam, Thursday (31/8/2023), there are games priced at only IDR 10,000. Even though the normal price reaches IDR 104,999.

However, it should be emphasized that this event only provides discounts for strategy games. Gamers will find various types, starting from card & board, cities & settlements, grand & 4X, military, real time, tower defense, and turn based.

Maybe some players can get quite popular strategy games at affordable prices. Take for example Civilization VI, which is discounted by 90%, so the price is very cheap, from IDR 449,999 to IDR 45,000.

Now there’s much more that gamers can get, without having to spend hundreds of thousands of rupiah for just one or two games. To make it easier when choosing, here is a list of strategy games that are sold cheaply.

  1. Hearts of Iron IV – Rp. 105,299
  2. Anno 1800 – Rp. 154,750
  3. Stellaris – Rp. 89,999
  4. Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – IDR 124,999
  5. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – IDR 66,250
  6. Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga – Rp. 111,219
  7. Northgard – Rp. 41,999
  8. Steel Division 2 – Rp. 119,750
  9. Frostpunk – Rp. 49,199
  10. Bloons TD 6 – IDR 44,999
  11. For The King – IDR 27,249
  12. Farthest Frontier – Rp. 118,999
  13. shapez – IDR 14,999
  14. Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf – Rp. 10,499
  15. Cultist Simulator – Rp. 37,059

However, this offer did not last long you know. Since starting on August 28, 2023, Valve presenting Steam Strategy Fest only until September 4, 2023. So don’t let gamers miss out.

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