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WorldVAR audios come to light in América-Cruz Azul

VAR audios come to light in América-Cruz Azul

The match between America and Cruz Azul last Saturday he was surrounded by controversial actionsand one of them was the alleged penalty on Alejandro Zendejastwo minutes into the second half.

Erik Lira knocked down the Águilas midfielder; However, the referee The maximum penalty was not ordered and the VAR supported the decision.

This Monday the audios of said action were shown and why no foul was declared in favor of the Coapa team.

The audible argument from the VAR booth is that Alejandro Zendejas, in his attempt to avoid Lira’s mark, “encourages contact”.

“He already has his leg planted and the América player is loosening up,” They describe the play, after confirming that there was no misplacement prior to the collision in the area.

In addition to that action and the three goals disallowed against América, There was a tough tackle by Carlos Rodríguez against Salvador Reyes. A hard hit that could have been punished with a red card.

However, it all ended in a yellow card and the Mexican Soccer Federation did not publish audios about that play in the Young Classic.

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