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WorldVatican mouthpiece editorial against Israel: 'Gaza massacre inexcusable' |

Vatican mouthpiece editorial against Israel: ‘Gaza massacre inexcusable’ |

Vatican City: An editorial in Observatore Romano, the global mouthpiece of the Catholic Church, says the massacre in Gaza can never be justified. The Vatican’s position was stated in an editorial published on the front page under the title ‘Stop the killings’.

“The killing of 30,000 people, including children, in Gaza in the name of resistance to the attack on October 7 cannot be justified. Rome-based Holocaust survivor Edith Brook said in an editorial written by Andrea Turnielli, Vatican editorial director, that Israel’s genocide could trigger an increase in violence against Jews around the world.

‘The Holy Spirit is always on the side of the victims. Therefore, God is with the Israelis in the kibbutzim who were massacred as they prepared to celebrate the day of Simchat Torah, the hostages taken, the children killed in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, and the innocent civilians. Pope Francis has said that unarmed civilians are the victims of bombings and shootings. This is war, this is terrorism’ -Edirerial criticized the war waged by Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel came forward with a complaint against Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who condemned the massacre by Israel. In an official complaint to the Vatican, the Israeli Embassy in the Holy See said the cardinal’s remarks were deplorable. The embassy claimed that the Israeli army was acting in accordance with international law and that the proportion of Palestinian civilians killed was lower than in the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Vatican strongly condemns what happened on October 7. However, Israel must defend itself only in proportion to this. 30,000 people died in Gaza. Everyone is asking Israel to stop the war. Things cannot continue like this. Cardinal Pietro Parolin said the other day that other ways should be found to solve the Gaza problem. Pope Francis condemned the war in his Christmas message. He also said that peace must dawn in Gaza if we want to witness the Bethlehem celebration nights. Pope Francis interacts daily with the displaced people of the Gaza Strip in Palestine via video conference.

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