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WorldVehicle Verification: These plates must pass vehicle verification in December

Vehicle Verification: These plates must pass vehicle verification in December

The Responsible Verification It is a program of State Goverment that seeks to ensure that every automobile in circulation complies with the Official Mexican Standards to reduce polluting emissions in the transfers of citizens.

It consists of three main tests:

  1. Visual check of the condition of the vehicle and cleanliness of oils and different contaminating substances.
  2. OBD-II test: Monitors the vehicle’s computer to check the status of emissions.
  3. emissions test of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen oxides.

If you do not pass the verification on the first occasion, a window of time will be granted to pass the three tests satisfactorily.. If the vehicle fails to be approved within the first year after the verification request, the owner will be granted a Non-Approval certificate and will not be able to circulate freely without the risk of being fined.

The fine for unverified cars is between $2,074 and $2,593 pesos. The appointment on time for verification is $500 pesos, and outside the requested date it will be $550. The second verification, if you do not pass the first time, has no cost.

What plates participate in the December Responsible Verification?

Vehicles that have plates that end in the number 0 must schedule their appointment for verification in December, if they do not want to risk being fined. This is the last month of the program Responsible Verification.

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