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Verstappen responds to Hamilton for comments about ‘Checo’: ‘It is difficult for him to lose’

The 2023 Formula 1 season has practically been for Max Verstappen and Red Bull, who take the drivers’ and constructors’ championships respectively, which does not make some people like Lewis Hamilton so happy.

In a press conference prior to the Italian GP he made a series of comments regarding Max Verstappen, although there was one in particular that caught attention and refers to the Dutchman’s teammates, including Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez.

What did Lewis Hamilton say about Max Verstappen?

Basically, the seven-time world champion said that his teammates have been better than Verstappen’s; and yes, in that ‘bag’ he put ‘Checo’, who has had a season with ups and downs.

“Jenson (Button), Fernando (Alonso), George (Russell), Valtteri, Nico (Rosberg). I have had so many. All of them have been very consistent, and Max has not raced with anyone like that (…) Actually All my teammates have been stronger than the ones Max has had.”, affirmed the Briton.

Verstappen responds to Hamilton: ‘Maybe he’s jealous’

The words spoken by Hamilton were not to the liking of ‘Mad Max’, so the Dutchman did not hesitate to answer him and call the Mercedes driver ‘envious’.

Maybe he’s jealous of my current successbut it doesn’t worry me at all. You may think that you are gaining something with these statements or that you have to defend something, but for me, it really doesn’t matter,” she noted in the first instance.

Likewise, he considers that the comments made by the 38-year-old pilot are thanks to the fact that, as he was somehow ‘accustomed’ to winning (not for nothing was he seven-time world champion), he does not accept that someone else is surpassing him in the present.


It’s hard for you to lose, obviously that’s the problem when you’ve won for so many years. You have to be able to be realistic: if you’re not there, you’re not there,” said Verstappen, who before the Italian GP is number one in the drivers’ standings with 339 points, while Hamilton occupies fourth position with 156 points.

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