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Viral Man Who Lives as a Dog in Japan, Shunned by Real Dogs


A man who lives as a dog in Japan admitted that he had difficulty getting along with real anabul. He said the dogs did not ‘treat him as an equal’.

“They seemed a little surprised and unfortunately, they didn’t treat me as an equal,” the male YouTuber known as ‘Toco’ told The Sun, Saturday (9/12/2023). Toco’s story became a viral social media phenomenon in the Land of the Rising Sun and caught the attention of netizens there.

Toco shocked the public after he spent the weekend transforming into a dog. He even made a collie dog costume for JPY 2 million or around Rp. 244 million to go all out.



Toco said previously that he really likes animals and enjoys acting like a collie. Nevertheless, he still lives a normal life even though his hobbies tend to be unusual. He still lives in the house, instead of the dog kennel.

It’s not every day that he acts like a dog. He wears the costume at least once a week.

Toco often shares videos of him acting like a dog on YouTube channels his, ‘動物になりたい(I want to be an animal)’. Even though there are many people who view his desire to become a dog negatively, Toco admits that he doesn’t care. He felt that what he did made himself and many other people happy.

“This is my hobby, so I will continue it. This makes me happy and other people happy too,” he said.

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